Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Extreme weather in China kills at least 21 in ultramarathon 中國的極端天氣導致至少21人在超馬拉鬆比賽中喪生


21 people were killed when extremely cold weather struck during an ultramarathon in rugged Gansu province in northwestern China, sparking public outrage on Sunday over the lack of contingency planning. 21 runners died during the 100-kilometer (62-mile) race on Saturday.

As cold temperatures dropped, runners started reported suffering from hypothermia. Some runners went missing.

A shepherd in northwest China has been credited with saving 6 trail runners from dangerously extreme weather, according to state media. According to China National Radio, Zhu Keming was grazing his sheep near the high-altitude Huanghe Shilin Mountain in Gansu Province when the weather turned sour. He sought refuge in a cave where he had stored some firewood and clothes near the running trail.


在中國西北部崎Gan的甘肅省舉行的超級馬拉鬆比賽中,由於極端寒冷的天氣襲擊,造成21人喪生。由於缺乏應急計劃,週日引發了公眾憤慨。 在周六的100公里(62英里)比賽中,有21名運動員死亡。

隨著低溫的下降,跑步者開始遭受體溫過低的困擾。 一些跑步者失踪了。

根據官方媒體的報導,中國西北部的一位牧羊人從危險的極端天氣中拯救了6名越野跑者。 據中國國家廣播電台報導,天氣轉酸時,朱克明正在高海拔的甘肅省黃河石林山附近放牧綿羊。 他在一個山洞裡避難,在那裡他在跑步小徑附近存放了一些柴火和衣服。

Useful Translations: 有用的翻譯:

cold weather 寒冷的天氣
ultramarathon 超級馬拉松
northwestern China 中國西北
contingency planning 應急計劃
100-kilometer track 100公里賽道
temperatures dropped 溫度下降
runners 跑步者
hypothermia 低溫
shepherd 牧羊人
state media 國家媒體
cave 洞穴
firewood 柴
clothes 衣服
running trail 跑步徑

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