Saturday, May 29, 2021

Chinese News Article about Testing 有關測試的中文新聞文章

Chinese Informative News Article 中國新聞報導文章

Testing for the virus is important 測試病毒很重要


施工 construction
結構 structure, construction, architecture, fabric, composition, makeup
構造 structure, construction, configuration, constitution, formation, fabric
建立 creation, construction
解釋 explanation, interpretation, construction, understanding, exposition, rationale
建築 building, architecture, structure, edifice
大廈 building, mansion, edifice
建築 building, architecture, structure, edifice
結構 structure, construction, architecture, fabric, composition, makeup
建築學 architecture
體系結構 architecture
房子 house, building
屋 house, room
住宅 housing, house, residence, dwelling, flat, tenement
房 room, house, building, antrum
屋子 room, house
館 shop, house, embassy, accommodation for guests, establishment, gloriette
舍 house, shed, residence, hut
居 residence, house
宅院 house
家務 housework, house, household duties
齋 house, lent diet, home
內 inside
裡面 inside, interior, seamy side
裡 inside, li, within, village, neighborhood, liner
表面 surface, face, appearance, exterior, external, outside
面 surface, face, side, aspect, top, outside
面子 face, reputation, prestige, outside, outer side
面兒 cover, face, outside, side, surface
地板 floor
樓 floor, storied building
樓層 floor
層 layer, level, floor, storey, stratum
地面 ground, floor, surface
樓面 floor


收容 house, accept
駐守 garrison, guard, defend, cover, fortify, house
駐防 garrison, guard, fortify, defend, house, protect
駐屯 garrison, house, quarter
駐紮 garrison, quarter, house
出租 rent, hire, lease, let
租 rent, hire, lease, charter, tenant, let out
租賃 lease, rent, hire
賃 rent, hire
包租 rent, rent land
僦 hire, rent
貰 borrow, rent, buy on credit


內 inner, inside, internal, interior, innermost, inscribed
內部 internal, inside
裡面 inside
外 outer, outside, external, foreign, outward, extrinsic
以外 outside, external, outer
表面的 apparent, exterior, external, facial, obverse, outside

Chinese House Sale 中國房屋買賣

Traditional Chinese Dessert 繁體中文甜品

Sweet Black Sesame Paste

Sweet Walnut Paste

Sweet Almond Paste


病毒 bìngdú virus
毒害 dúhài to poison (harm with a toxic substance); to poison (people's minds); poisoning
恶毒 èdú malicious
毒感 dúgǎn virus
核酸病毒 hésuān bìngdú virus

Definition of "virus":

Ultramicroscopic infectious agent that replicates itself only within cells of living hosts; many are pathogenic; a piece of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) wrapped in a thin coat of protein.

Chinese synonyms: 病毒

A software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer.

Chinese synonyms: 计算机病毒
Synonyms: computer virus

A harmful or corrupting agency.

Chinese synonyms: 毒素, 毒害, 病毒

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