Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Beijing suffers from 'hazardous' levels of pollution 北京遭受"危險"污染水平


WION shows that a sandstorm has landed the Chinese capital into worries. A massive sandstorm has combined with already high air pollution to turn the skies in Beijing an eerie orange.


WION表明,一場沙塵暴使中國首都陷入了擔憂。 沙塵暴加上已經很嚴重的空氣污染,使北京的天空變成了令人毛骨悚然的橙色。

Useful Translations: 有用的翻譯:

sandstorm 沙暴
air 空氣
pollution 污染
skies 天空
Beijing 北京
orange 橙子


風暴 storm, windstorm
暴風 storm, storm wind
暴風雨 storm, tempest, rainstorm
風浪 storm, stormy waves
龍卷風 cyclone, hurricane, typhon, storm
波 wave, ripple, surge, storm
瀑 waterfall, falls, storm, cataract
砂 sand, gravel, emery, granule
沙 sand
砂土 sand, sandy soil
沙子 sand, grit, small grains
廢墟 ruins, ruin, debris, remains, wreckage, sand
天空 sky, heaven
天 day, sky, God, heavens, weather, nature
空 air, sky, leisure
霄 heaven, sky, firmament, cloud
過分地 heavens, sky
雲 cloud
霄 heaven, sky, firmament, cloud
泱 agitated wind, cloud
污染 pollution, contamination
玷污 pollution
灰塵 dust, dirt
塵 dust, dirt, earth, this world
粉塵 dust
塵埃 dust
塵土 dust
灰 ash, dust, lime
粉 powder, dust
粉劑 powder, dust
土 earth, dust, terra
坌 dust
花粉 pollen, dust
廢品 reject, waster, wastrel, dust
穢土 dirt, rubbish, debris, dust, mud, refuse
壒 dust, mud
大氣 atmosphere, aerosphere
氣氛 atmosphere, ambience, mood, surrounding feeling
大氣層 atmosphere
空氣 air, atmosphere, breath
風氣 atmosphere, common practice, general mood, morale
氛 atmosphere, vapor, miasma, vapour
氣象 meteorology, atmosphere, scene, meteor
氣候 climate, atmosphere, situation
氣圈 aerosphere, atmosphere, balloon
氣候 climate, atmosphere, situation
趨勢 trend, tendency, current, climate
空氣 air, atmosphere, breath
氣 gas, air, breath, spirit, weather, vital energy
空 air, sky, leisure
神氣 air, manner, expression
調 tune, tone, accent, melody, air
樣子 appearance, looks, manner, shape, aspect, air
氣態 gaseous state, air, bearing, manner
勁 strength, vigor, energy, interest, drive, air
沙暴 sandstorm
風暴 storm, windstorm


強攻 storm
攻陷 capture, storm
撒沙 sand
遮蓋 cloud
布滿 cloud
使 ... 憂郁 cloud
撣 dust, brush
撢 dust
拂拭 wipe, wipe off, wipe away, dust
拂 brush, kiss, dust
通風 air, ventilate
晾 air, dry in the sun, air-dry
曝 sun, air

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