Friday, May 28, 2021

China's Covid vaccine push includes free food and retail items 中國的Covid疫苗推廣包括免費食品和零售商品


CNBC Television shows that the Chinese government is trying to get at least 40 percent of its population vaccinated by June. So far, only about 9 percent of the population has been vaccinated. One of the reasons so few have been vaccinated so far is mistrust of the government and its vaccine. Eunice Yoon joins 'The News with Shepard Smith' to report.


CNBC電視台顯示,中國政府正努力在6月之前為至少40%的人口接種疫苗。 到目前為止,只有大約9%的人口接受了疫苗接種。 迄今為止很少進行疫苗接種的原因之一是對政府及其疫苗的不信任。 尹恩秀(Eunice Yoon)與《謝潑德史密斯新聞》一起報導。

government 政府
population 人口
vaccination 預防接種
vaccine 疫苗
reason 原因
mistrust 不信任
report 報告


政府 government
內閣 cabinet, government
轄 administration, government, linchpin, management, subjecting, subjection
疫苗 vaccine
苗 seedling, vaccine
痘 smallpox, vaccine, smallpox pustule
新冠病毒 coronavirus
流感 influenza, flu
疫情 epidemic
瘟疫 plague, pestilence, epidemic, murrain
瘟 plague, epidemic, pestilence


傳染性的 epidemic, epidemical, contagious
流行的 epidemic, epidemical, modish, pop
大流行病 pandemic

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