Friday, May 28, 2021

Chinese 300-metre-high skyscraper wobbles 中國300米高的摩天大樓搖搖欲墜


Guardian News Channel on Youtube shows that one of China’s tallest skyscrapers was evacuated on Tuesday after it began to shake, sending panicked shoppers scampering to safety. The nearly 300-metre (980ft) SEG Plaza in Shenzhen, southern China, inexplicably began to shake at about 1pm, prompting an evacuation of people inside while pedestrians looked on open-mouthed. The building was closed by 2.40pm, according to certain local media reports.


Youtube上的《衛報》新聞頻道顯示,中國最高的摩天大樓之一在開始震動後於週二撤離,這使驚慌失措的購物者對安全產生了擔憂。 中國南方深圳近300米(980英尺)的賽格廣場在下午1點左右開始莫名其妙地晃動,當行人張開嘴巴時,疏散了內部人員。 根據某些當地媒體的報導,該建築在下午2.40點之前關閉。

Useful Translations: 有用的翻譯:

news 消息
skyscraper 摩天大廈
evacuate 撤離
shake 搖
panic 恐慌
shoppers 購物者
safety 安全
Shenzhen 深圳
pedestrian 行人
building 建造
local 當地的
media 媒體
report 報告


建築 building, architecture, structure, edifice
大廈 building, mansion, edifice
建築物 building, structure, erection
房子 house, building
房 room, house, building, antrum
營造物 building
恐慌 panic
驚慌 panic
慌張 panic, flurry, twitter, bewilderment, precipitancy, restlessness
搖晃 wobble, wabble


逃跑 run away, flee, run off, take flight, take to one's heels
逃走 escape, flee, breeze, mizzle
出走 leave, flee, run away
逃 escape, flee, run away, evade, dodge, shirk
竄 flee, escape, leap, run away
跑 run, run away, flee, leak, evaporate, ramble
奔逃 flee, run away
潰逃 flight, flee, escape in disorder, flee pell-mell, flee pellmell
逋 flee, owe, abscond
逃遁 escape, flee, evade
避 avoid, prevent, evade, shun, hide, flee
奔 rush, flee, hasten, hurry, rush about
遁 escape, disappear, flee
逋逃 flee, abscond
遠 flee, shy away, avoid
逋亡 abscond, flee
恐嚇 intimidate, threaten, menace, panic, awe
恫嚇 intimidate, threaten, panic
嚇唬 frighten, bluff, browbeat, bluster, swash, panic
搖晃 shake, rock, wobble, sway, wabble


驚慌的 panic, panicky, panic-stricken
恐慌的 panic, panicky, panic-stricken
高 high, tall, expensive, lofty, loud, high-priced
高大 tall, lofty
頎 tall
喬 tall
長的 longest, tall
箾摻 high, stalwart, strapping, tall

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