Friday, May 28, 2021

China overtakes US as top country for foreign investment 中國超過美國成為外國投資最多的國家


DW News shows that UN figures show China was the largest recipient of new foreign direct investment in 2020, overtaking the US for the first time. The Chinese economy brought in 163 billion dollars in investment as the coronavirus outbreak spread across the world. That compares to the 134 billion attracted by the United States.


DW News顯示,聯合國數據顯示,中國是2020年最大的新外國直接投資接受國,首次超過美國。 隨著冠狀病毒爆發在全球範圍內蔓延,中國經濟吸引了1630億美元的投資。 相比之下,美國吸引了1,340億美元。

Useful Translations: 有用的翻譯:

exports 出口商品
imports 進口貨
global 全球的
demand 要求
supply 供應
electronics 電子產品
medical 醫療的
equipment 設備
clothes 衣服
world 世界
trading 貿易
partner 夥伴
Southeast Asian Nations 東南亞國家
European Union 歐洲聯盟
USA 美國
Japan 日本
surplus 剩餘


投資 investment, money invested
投資額 investment
數字 number, figure, numeric, digit, amount
人物 character, figure, someone who plays a part
圖形 graph, figure
身材 figure, stature
數 number, count, figure, calculation
身段 figure, posture
人士 person, personage, public figure, figure
外形 shape, appearance, figure, conformation
輪廓 contour, profile, outline, silhouette, figure, adumbration
位 position, place, location, digit, seat, figure
畫像 portrait, figure, icon, portraiture, portrayal, portray
圖解 diagram, graph, graphic solution, figure
形像 image, form, figure
音型 figure
行業 industry, business, trade, profession
商業 business, commerce, trade, trading
貿 trade, commerce
商 business, quotient, trader, trade, commerce, businessman
業 industry, business, trade, job, employment, profession
工 work, labor, worker, trade, craft, skill
商業 business, commerce, trade, trading
業務 business, professional work, profession
商 business, quotient, trader, trade, commerce, businessman
生意 business
業 industry, business, trade, job, employment, profession
行業 industry, business, trade, profession
買賣 business, transaction, bargain, business dealings
事 thing, matter, business, affair, job, accident
務 business, affair, matter
事情 thing, matter, affair, business
事兒 thing, business
市面 market condition, business
做功 acting, business
勾 affair, business
銷售 sell, market
銷 pin, sell, market
購買 buy, detriment
收購 purchase, buy
便宜貨 bargain, a good bargain, brummagem, buy, doodad, gew-gaw


換 change, exchange, swap, trade, swop
營業 operate, trade, do business, buy and sell, traffic
營 operate, run, trade, manage, deal with
出售 sell, trade, offer for sale
購物 shop, trade
賣 sell, betray
出售 sell, trade, offer for sale
銷售 sell
售價 sell
推銷 sell, market
售 sell, carry out
出賣 sell, betray, sell out, offer for sale
售賣 sell
銷 sell, cancel, consume, spend, do away with
販賣 traffic, sell, peddle
沽 sell, buy
經銷 distribute, sell, deal, sell on commission
交售 sell
行銷 sell
販 peddle, sell, trade in, deal with
鬻 vend, sell, barter, retail
買 buy, purchase, pay, take, acquire, procure
買進 buy, purchase, buy in, acquire, pay
購 purchase, buy
收買 buy, purchase, bribe
買回 buy, repurchase
買通 buy, bribe, buy off
採買 buy, purchase
打 fight, beat, make, break, strike, buy
沽 sell, buy
賄買 suborn, buy
賈 buy
買關節 bribe, buy, buy off
盤算 plan, calculate, figure
揣 surmise, guess, estimate, figure, overfeed, conjecture
謀取 seek, obtain, enlist, figure, try to gain
筭 compute, calculate, figure, regard


貿易的 commercial, shoppy, trade
商業的 commercial, merchant, shoppy, trade
通商的 shoppy, trade

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