Sunday, May 16, 2021

Debris from China’s largest rocket 來自中國最大火箭的碎片

Guardian News on Youtube shows the remnants of China’s largest rocket plummeted back to Earth, plunging into the Indian Ocean near the Maldives, according to Chinese state media and people in Oman and Jordan who captured footage of its light in the sky. Most of the rocket debris burned up in the atmosphere, according to the China Manned Space Engineering Office.

Useful Translations: 有用的翻譯:


廢墟 ruins, ruin, debris, remains, wreckage, wasteland
瓦礫 rubble, debris
廢物 waste, refuse, trash, garbage, rubbish, debris
穢土 dirt, rubbish, debris, dust, mud, refuse
火箭 rocket
飛船 spaceship, airship, vehicle, dirigible, aeroboat
宇宙飛船 spacecraft, spaceship
空間站 Space Station
地球 Earth
外太空 Outer Space
軌道 Orbit
大量的 Mass
建造 Construction
科學 Science
實驗 Experiment
技術 Technology
實驗室 laboratory
宇航員 astronaut, cosmonaut
太空人 astronaut, cosmonaut
航天員 astronaut
泰科諾 taikonaut (a Chinese astronaut)
勘探 exploration, prospecting, found
飞船 spaceship, airship, vehicle, dirigible, aeroboat
宇宙飞船 spacecraft, spaceship
行星 planet
地球 Earth, planet, globe
空间 space, room, void, airspace, interspace, vacuum
间隙 gap, space, interval
场地 site, space, place
间距 spacing, space
篇幅 space, length
空地 space, clearing, area, vacancy, lung


發射火箭 rocket


宇宙的 cosmic, cosmical, mundane, space

China 中國
land 土地
spacecraft 飛船
Mars 火星
Earth 地球
Outer Space 外太空
Chinese rover 中國流浪者
Red Planet 紅色星球
Mission 使命
Scientific Objectives 科學目標
geology of Mars 火星地質
presence of water 水的存在
internal structure of the planet 行星的內部結構
identification of minerals 礦物鑑定
rock types 岩石類型
surface 表面
atmosphere of Mars 火星的氣氛
Utopia 烏托邦
parachute 降落傘
triumph 勝利
China Aerospace and Technology Corporation 中國航天科技集團公司
asteroid 小行星
frozen water 冷凍水
Tianwen ("questions to heaven") 天問
China spacecraft lands on Mars 中國航天器降落在火星上

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