Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Chinese Fantastic Gorgeous Great 中国奇妙的伟大

Chinese Fantastic Gorgeous Great 中国奇妙的伟大


奇妙 wonderful, fantastic, marvelous, intriguing, fantastical, marvellous
荒誕 absurd, fantastic, fantastical, incredible
荒唐 absurd, preposterous, fantastic, loose, dissipated, intemperate
奇聞 fantastic, fantastical, unheard-of
誕 absurd, fantastic, fantastical
見鬼 absurd, fantastic, fantastical
妄 absurd, rash, presumptuous, preposterous, fantastic, fantastical
空想的 aerial, chimeric, chimerical, fancied, fantastic, fantastical
荒誕不經 fantastic, fantastical, preposterous, unbelievable
華麗 gorgeous, sumptuous
斑斕 gorgeous, multicolored, multicolor, multicolour, bright-colored, bright-coloured
豪華 luxurious, sumptuous, gorgeous, magnificent, costly
綺麗 beautiful, gorgeous
綺 beautiful, gorgeous
藇 gorgeous, striking, attractive, stunning, fine-looking, good-looking
錦 bright, brilliant, gorgeous
大 large, big, great, major, bigger, wide
偉大 great, mighty, large
極大 great, enormous, huge, vast, smash
非常 great, vast
偉 great, big, large
重大 major, significant, important, great
豐富 rich, abundant, plentiful, vast, plenty, great
宏大 grand, great
宏 grand, great, magnificent, spacious
弘 great, liberal
浩大 vast, huge, great
眾 many, numerous, great, large, massed, multitudinous
浩 grand, vast, great
鴻 grand, great, large
濃 concentrated, dense, heavy, great
嘉 fine, good, nice, great, perfect, outasite
夥 great, numerous
灝 vast, grand, gigantic, enormous, big, great
嚭 great
渠 great
泂 beamy, vast, immense, exceeding, enormous, great
澔 big, great, huge, immense, large, vast
嶢 steep, excessive, expensive, extraordinary, extreme, great
仡 beefy, brave, bold, brawny, bright, great
顒 honorable, great, right, huge, immense, impartial
奘 stout, fat, great, huge
恢 extensive, great, vast
昄 expansive, great


傑 hero, outstanding person, great


希望 hope, wish, expect
望 hope, expect, watch, view, look towards, gaze
希 hope
期望 expect, hope
指望 hope, prospect
祈望 hope, wish
企 hope
冀 hope, aim, look forward to, wish, aspire, expect
信賴 trust, rely, depend, confide, entrust, hope
想望 want, wish, hope, long for, fancy, yearn
巴 hope, be close to, be next to, wish
期 expect, make an appointment, hope
期許 expect, hope


願 wish, hope, desire
信心 confidence, confident, faith, belief, hope, surety
意願 wish, desire, want, aspiration, ambition, hope


可怕 terrible, horrible, awful, dreadful, fearful, formidable
嚇人的 appalling, awful, dire, dreadful, fearful, horrible
不可能 impossible
叵 impossible

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