Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Chinese Useful Sentences For Speeches and Presentations 汉语用于演讲和陈述的有用句子

Chinese Useful Sentences For Speeches and Presentations 汉语用于演讲和陈述的有用句子

Example Sentences:

"be particularly watchful" in Chinese:    加意提防
"particularly happy" in Chinese:    分外高兴
"particularly necessary" in Chinese:    异常需要
"particularly splendid" in Chinese:    尤为出色
"particularly urgent" in Chinese:    特别紧急
"be held in particularly high" in Chinese:    非常受器重
"be held in particularly high regard" in Chinese:    非常受器重
"circumstances are particularly serious" in Chinese:    情节特别严重
"particularly brilliant in the ending" in Chinese:    曲终奏雅
"problem is already particularly acute" in Chinese:    问题已经很严重了
"with particularly serious consequence" in Chinese:    后果特别严重
"i particularly love globes with animals" in Chinese:    我特别喜欢动物的雪球
"particularize" in Chinese:    vt.,vi. 1.(使)特殊化。 2.详述,细论;缕述。 3.列举,分列; ...
"particularization" in Chinese:    细说
"particularity of students learning" in Chinese:    二、学生学习的特殊性
"particularity" in Chinese:    n. 1.特别,特殊;特殊性;特性,特征;个性;癖性。 2.精确;细致;详细 ...

Example Sentences:

Be particularly careful when driving at night .

Human nature is particularly prone to it .

He particularly warmed to her parting shot .

But i particularly wish you not to come .

Picasso 's brushwork is particularly fine .

Amines and diamines are particularly effective .

She said nothing particularly provocative .

His address was particularly gentlemanlike .

We 've been particularly busy these days .

Such a treatment is particularly straightforward .


然而 however, but, yet
但是 but, however, yet
但 but, however, yet
不过 but, however, only, no more than
可是 but, however
却 but, however, yet, while
然 however, but, nevertheless


多么 how, however
犹 still, yet, even, nevertheless, even now, however
就是说 in other words
尤其 especially, particularly
格外 particularly, especially
尤 especially, particularly
异常 very, extremely, especially, remarkably, exceedingly, particularly
独特地 individually, inimitably, particularly, uniquely

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