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Chinese Ways To Say That You Are In A Hurry 中国人说你着急的方式

Chinese Ways To Say That You Are In A Hurry 中国人说你着急的方式

Example Sentences:

You can tell you are not in management. Harry, never rush into something without doing the necessary research and preparation.

But the conclusion is too hasty, analysts said -- and a recovery in markets since the middle of the week is confirming that view.

When typing an email you don’t have to type slowly, but you should feel comfortable with the rhythm so you don’t feel rushed.

Time is pressing. We'd better leave right now and talk it over on our way.

There is no rush, there is no hurry , For this beautiful moment is already here.


匆忙 hurry, hastiness
仓促 hurry
赶忙 hurry, haste, dislodgement, dislodgment, eviction, extrusion
慌忙 hurry
迮 haste, press, hurry, pressure
颤音 vibrato, tremolo, trill, shake, roulade, hurry


赶快 hurry, hurry up, hasten, make haste, buck up, tear
赶 drive, rush, hurry, catch up, drive away, overtake
催 urge, hurry, press, hasten, expedite, prompt
遽 hurry, buck up, bustle, hasten, be in a hurry, push on
赶忙 hasten, hurry, evict
慌忙 hurry
忙 hurry, hasten
促 promote, urge, hurry, hasten, rush
趋 tend, hasten, hurry, walk fast, tend to become
遄 hurry, go to and fro
奔 rush, flee, hasten, hurry, rush about
撺 throw, fling, rush, stir up, hurry, rage
迮 hie, press, hasten, hurry, whirry


急遽 - jí jù - rapid, sudden, urgent; in a hurry 
仓促 - cāng cù - hastily, hurriedly 
匆忙 - cōng máng - hasty, hurried 
急忙 - jí máng - hurried; impetuously; rashly 
急急 - jí ji - hurriedly, hastily, in a rush 
连忙 - lián máng - promptly, at once 
赶快 - gǎn kuài - haste; at once, immediately 
急切 - jí qiè - in a hurry; with anxiety

Remember that in Chinese language some adjectives may be reduplicated to make them sound stronger. Here are some great examples of reduplication of two-syllable adjectives:

急急忙忙 - jí jí máng máng - in great haste 
匆匆忙忙 - cōng cōng máng máng - in a hurry, hastily

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