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Four "Fu" Characters In Chinese Language: 畐 富 福 副

Four "Fu" Characters In Chinese Language: 畐 富 福 副

1. 畐: a vase with some content. Means "to be full". 
2. 富: a full vase under the roof (inside the building) = "richness" 
3. 福: a full vase in the altar = "happiness" 
4. 副: something valuable (畐) is separated with a knife 刂 (刀). Means "secondary", "auxiliary", "subsidiary", "deputy".

Example Sentences:

He is not very rich.

All we teach them is that the establishment is against them, that they are victims, and that the rich are at fault.

Now that he is rich,he talks down to his friends.

我能听到你们会说: "可是我没有富爸爸呀,我不是含着金匙出生的,我没有受到良好的教育。"
I can hear some of you saying, "But I don't have a rich dad. I wasn't born into money.

Ah Fu followed her there.

More Nouns:

花瓶 vase, jardiniere
瓶 bottle, vase, pitcher, jug
甒 vase, jar
缾 bottle, pitcher, vase


丰富 rich, abundant, plentiful, vast, plenty, great
富 rich, wealthy, abundant
富有 rich, wealthy
富裕 rich, wealthy
丰盛 rich, sumptuous, lavish, deluxe, luxurious, luscious
有钱 rich, wealthy
丰厚 rich, generous, abundant, fat, large, thick
盛产 rich
富饶 rich
浓厚 strong, rich, marked, luscious
博 rich, plentiful, ample, extensive
醇厚 mellow, rich
阔 wide, broad, rich, vast, wealthy
丰裕 abundant, affluent, rich, prosperous, plentiful, wealthy
贵重 precious, costly, rich
饶 rich, plentiful
沃 fertile, rich
优裕 abundant, affluent, comfortable, prosperous, rich, wealthy
腴 fertile, rich, rotund, thickish, porky, plentiful
醇 pure, rich, unmixed
饶沃 fertile, rich


丰富地 abundantly, aplenty, bounteously, copiously, galore, rich
富裕地 affluently, opulently, rich, richly

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