Tuesday, March 9, 2021


https://tieba.baidu.com - Baidu Tieba Online Community

Baidu Tieba is a popular Chinese important communication platform hosted by Chinese search engine company Baidu. It is certainly an online community that heavily integrates Baidu's search engine. Baidu Tieba uses "bars", or forums, as a place for users to socially interact.

Prior to 2010, Baidu Tieba allowed anonymous posting, displaying only the IP address of the poster. Since then, users are required to have a registered account in order to post on bars. Baidu Tieba also allows for the use of polls. Every bar has its own 2GB space for members to upload videos. If a bar is ranked within the top 500 of the great official rankings, it has its own album.

Baidu Tieba is one of China’s Largest Online Communities. You might not hear about the platform Baidu Tieba as often as Weibo or Zhihu nowadays. However, during the 2000s Baidu Tieba achieved success that no other Chinese online communities could even dream of. This community is content-oriented and certainly highly interactive. Everything is "live." People interact with readers to keep their posts hot and on top.

Baidu Tieba is a platform that consists of countless specific Tiebas as individual communities. Each Tieba has their own Tieba Host as the main so-called coordinator. It is kind of like each Tieba, having little to no interaction with one another, is actually a highly independent website on its own.

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Some researchers say that not only in Canada country, but in China, the government can track you. Baidu runs the most used search engine in China, but it's also used around the world in Chinese, English and other languages.






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