Thursday, March 18, 2021

Expressing "It Seems" With 好像 。。。 似的

Chinese Grammar 漢語語法

Expressing "It Seems" With 好像 。。。 似的

好像。。。似的 is certainly one of the sentence structures meaning "to seem."

Related Words:
Synonyms: 宛如 犹如 好似 如同 貌似 似乎


zhè tiáo lù hǎo xiàng hěn cháng shì de 
It seems I am sick. 

zhè tiáo lù hǎo xiàng hěn cháng shì de 
This road seems to be long. 

nǐ hǎo xiàng hěn yǒu qián shì de 
You seem to be rich.

The pattern may also be used without 似的. Its absence does not influence the meaning of the sentence: 

wǒ men hǎo xiàng chī bǎo le 
We seem to be full. 

他们好像要结婚了 。 
Tā men hǎo xiàng yào lí hūn le 
They seem to be getting divorced.

If there is no subject in a sentence with 好像, it is translated into English as "it seems that...". 
hǎo xiàng yào xià xuě le 
It seems like it's going to snow.

More Examples:

Example Sentences
They seem to have been close friends for many years.

He seems to like me.

I seem to see someone going into my house.

It looks as if she's gone away for a few days.

It seems that it is going to rain.

tā men hǎo xiàng shì duō nián de lǎo péng you le
They seem to have been close friends for many years.


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