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Chinese Shopping at the Store 商店裡的中國人購物

Chinese Shopping at the Store 商店裡的中國人購物

Chinese Vocabulary:


購買 buy, detriment
收購 purchase, buy
便宜貨 bargain, a good bargain, brummagem, buy, doodad, gew-gaw


買 buy, purchase, pay, take, acquire, procure
買進 buy, purchase, buy in, acquire, pay
購 purchase, buy
收買 buy, purchase, bribe
買回 buy, repurchase
買通 buy, bribe, buy off
採買 buy, purchase
打 fight, beat, make, break, strike, buy
沽 sell, buy
賄買 suborn, buy
賈 buy
買關節 bribe, buy, buy off


賣 sell, betray
出售 sell, trade, offer for sale
銷售 sell
售價 sell
推銷 sell, market
售 sell, carry out
出賣 sell, betray, sell out, offer for sale
售賣 sell
銷 sell, cancel, consume, spend, do away with
販賣 traffic, sell, peddle
沽 sell, buy
經銷 distribute, sell, deal, sell on commission
交售 sell
行銷 sell
販 peddle, sell, trade in, deal with
鬻 vend, sell, barter, retail


銷售 sell, market
銷 pin, sell, market

礼物 (lǐ wù) = Gift
衣服 (yī fú) = Clothes 
买 (mǎi) = Buy
卖 (mài) = Sell

收银台 (Shōu yín tái) Cash register
收 means "accept" and "collect" 
银 means "silver"
台 means "station"

Putting it all together gives, literally, "a station that collects silver." More practically, "a cash register."

玩具 (wán jù) Toy
玩 means "play"
具 means "an instrument or tool"

Put it all together: "an instrument to be played it," or more simply a "toy."

购物中心 (gòu wù zhòng xīn) Mall

购物 means "shopping"
"中心 means "center"

Put it all together: "Shopping center"

多少钱? (Duōshǎo qián?) What is the cost?

多少 means "how much"

Separately, "多" means "many/much" and "少" means "little/less."

"钱" means "money"

打折 (dǎ zhé) Discount

号 (hào) Size

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