Tuesday, March 9, 2021


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This is Taiwan's largest and most active Taiwan-oriented global online community in English.

Take a look at useful forum categories, such as:

Greater Taipei Events 
Northern Taiwan Events
Taichung & Central Taiwan Events
Kaohsiung & Southern Taiwan Events
East Coast & Islands Events
Health & Fitness
Dating & Relationships
LGBTQ+ Forum
Pets & Other Animals
Animal Adoptions & Emergencies
Cars & Motorcycles
Living in Taiwan
Moving to Taiwan
Where Can I Find...?
Food & Drink
Greater Taipei Restaurants
East Coast & Islands Restaurants
Northern Taiwan Restaurants
Kaohsiung & Southern Taiwan Restaurants
Taichung & Central Taiwan Restaurants
Open Forum
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Arts & Entertainment
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Interesting Translations: English - Chinese:

International Travel 國際旅行
Taiwan Travel 台灣旅行
Taiwan time 台灣時間
Time in Taiwan 台灣時間
Taipei 台北
Taipei, Taiwan 台北,台灣
Yahoo Taiwan 台灣Yahoo
Taiwan news 台灣新聞
Population of Taiwan 台灣人口
Taiwan population 台灣人口
China and Taiwan relations 中國與台灣關係
Taiwan flag 台灣國旗
Map of taiwan 台灣地圖
Taiwan earthquake 台灣地震
Is Taiwan part of China 台灣是中國的一部分嗎
What time is it in Taiwan 台灣現在幾點
Taiwan language 台灣語
Where is Taiwan 台灣在哪裡
Taiwan semiconductor 台灣半導體
Is Taiwan a country 台灣是一個國家嗎
Yahoo Taiwan news  雅虎台灣新聞
Current time in Taiwan 台灣時間
Taiwan President 台灣總統
Kaohsiung 高雄
Kaohsiung City (高雄市)

Kaohsiung is a massive port city in southern Taiwan. It's home to many skyscrapers, such as the 248m-tall Tuntex Sky Tower. Its focal point is the Love River, with walking paths and cafes along its banks, and cruise boats navigating its waters. Shopping options certainly range from high-end malls to the Liuhe and Ruifeng night markets.

Taiwan currency 台灣貨幣
Capital of Taiwan 台灣首都
Google news Taiwan - Google 新聞台灣
Taiwan military 台灣軍方
Taiwan travel 台灣旅行
National Taiwan university 國立台灣大學
Taiwan weather 台灣天氣
gdp of Taiwan 台灣國內生產總值

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