Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Chinese Words with "Water" 漢語-英語"水"

Chinese Words with "Water" 漢語-英語"水"


水 water, liquid, river
雨水 rainwater, water
澤 lake, benefit, water, benevolence, blessing, benefaction
注入水 water


澆灌 water, irrigate, pour
澆 water, pour, irrigate, sprinkle water
沖 rinse, water, wash out, wash away, water down
灌 pour, water, irrigate
沖淡 dilute, water down, weaken, water
溲 urinate, steep, soak in, drench, dilute with water, water


水平 level (of achievement etc) / standard / horizontal
泪水 teardrop / tears
水利 water conservancy / irrigation works
河水 river water
水面 water surface
水泥 cement
水果 fruit
矿泉水 mineral spring water
开水 boiled water; boiling water
胶水 glue
水分 liquid quantity
水库 reservoir
水稻 aquatic rice
水平 level (of achievement etc.)
水利 water conservancy
水泥 cement
水位 waterline
水解 hydrolyze
水质 quality of water
水果 fruit
水力 waterpower
排水 drain
清水 Qingshui river
海水 seawater
洪水 flood
冷水 cold water
流水 nullah
脱水 dewatering
淡水 drinking water
开水 to boil water
含水 watery
蓄水 to store water
地下水 groundwater
石灰水 limewater
饮用水 drinking water
不透水 waterproof
矿泉水 mineral water
泼冷水 to throw cold water on
眼药水 eye-wash
流口水 slabber
白开水 plain boiled water
红药水 merbromin
柠檬水 lemonade

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