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Radical 讠 ("Speech") yán 讠 is simplified from 言

Radical 讠 ("Speech") yán 讠 is simplified from 言

Radical 讠 ("Speech") is interesting.

讠 is simplified from 言 and is often referred to as the "speech" radical. It is a meaning element certainly related to "speaking". The pinyin is yán (yan2). As a radical, it appears on the left of the character. 

Chinese Characters containing 讠 radical:

861 characters can be found under this radical in Chinese Kangxi Dictionary.

谢 - xiè - to thank 
谈 - tán - to chat, to talk, to discuss 

They are present in many words related to language, speaking and communication, such as:
谈话 - tán huà - a talk, a conversation 
交谈 - jiāo tán - a chat, a talk 
请问 - qǐng wèn - Excuse me, may I ask ... ? 
课 - kè - a lesson 
课文 - kè wén - text (learning material) 
议 - yì - to discuss 
议论 - yì lùn - to comment, to remark, to discuss

More Nouns:

言語 speech, talk, parole, lingua
發言 speaking, speech, talk, utterance, remark, comment
演說 speech
話 words, word, dialect, saying, talk, speech
語 language, speech, dialect
言 word, speech, character
報告 lecture, speech, talk
發表 publication, issue, announcement, statement, issuance, speech
詞 word, term, speech, statement

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