Thursday, March 18, 2021

Cocktail Names In Chinese 雞尾酒名中文

Cocktail Names In Chinese 雞尾酒名中文

鸡尾酒 - jī wěi jiǔ - cocktail 
鸡尾酒会 - jī wěi jiǔ huì - cocktail party 
酒吧 - jiǔ bā - bar

qǐng gěi wǒ yī bēi jī wěi jiǔ
May I have a coctail please?


雞尾酒 cocktail
飲料 beverage, drinks, beverages, drink, drinkable, tipple
飲 drink
醇 alcohol, good wine, mellow wine
酒精 alcohol
酒 wine, liquor, alcohol, spirits, guzzle


喝 drink, have, shout applause
喝酒 drink, booze, liquor, imbibe, toast, guzzle
飲 drink, keep in the heart, nurse
飲用 drink
醉 drink, sot, tipple
歃 drink, suck
啜 sip, suck, drink, taste
嚃 drink, swallow

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