Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Chinese "How to Say?" 中文 "怎麼說?"

Chinese "How to Say?" 中文 "怎麼說?"


如何 how
怎麼 how, why
怎樣 how, why
多麼 how, however
何 how, why
怎 how, why
為什麼 why, how
何以 why, how
那 how
咋 how, why
焉 how, here, herein, why
曷 how, why, when, where
奚 why, how, where
怎麼樣 how


關於 on, about, regarding, concerning, with respect to, with regard to
對於 for, regarding, about, with regard to, towards, toward
靠 by, near, alongside, at, about
靠近 near, anear, at, about, by


大約 about, approximately, belike, say
左右 about, around, left and right, approximately
大概 probably, about, roughly, say, belike
週圍 around, round, about
附近 nearby, about, hereabouts, hereabout
模樣 about
光景 about, around
霤 hereabouts, about, hereabout
蓋 about


什麼 what
哪 what
奚 what


何 what
多麼 what
孰 what, who
曷 what


同意 agree, consent, approve, concur, assent
商定 agree, decide through consultation
答應 promise, agree, answer, comply with, respond, reply
承認 recognize, admit, acknowledge, confess, accept, agree
符合 conform, accord, correspond, agree, be in line with, tally
相符 correspond, conform, agree, tally
承諾 promise, commit, consent, agree, accept, undertake to do
契合 agree, correspond
肯 be willing, agree, consent, be ready
合意 accord, agree, suit, befit, satisfy, gratify
契 agree
訂 order, subscribe, draw up, staple, revise, agree
應承 promise, agree, undertake, pledge, consent, comply
訂立 conclude, agree
相投 agree
相約 make an appointment, agree
說定 settle, agree
應諾 swear, promise, agree, pledge, guarantee, assure
合 close, fit, shut, suit, join, agree
順當 agree, get on, be on good terms
不適宜 disagree
不同意 disagree

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