Tuesday, March 9, 2021


Take a look at interesting fascinating posted forum topics, such as: Simplified and Traditional Characters, Recommendations for someone, New blog for starting Chinese learners, character conversion to Simplified, improving important vocabulary, how 深加工 should be translated, properly pronounce "qu", sentences that begin with 是 and take a somewhat meaning of "it", composer makes HSK-graded songs, virtual singer, greater understanding of a Taiwanese phrase.

Take a look at interesting forum topics, such as:

How to say this passive sentence in Mandarin? How do you say "I have had this topic brought up three times this week already" ? Here is my jab at it:   这周我已经有把这个话题被提出三次了   Is it even close?

Resource Request: Recordings for John DeFrancis' Intermediate and Advanced Chinese textbooks

So I saw this apparently simple sentence:   王朋要了一杯冰茶。   It got me thinking, l learned before that when 了 is used for a marker of something that happened in the past, it should go with an ...

A little bit about "石狮子" ("stone lion"). Recently got a pair of miniature 石狮子 as a gift, so I felt like sharing, haha.   石狮子 is what's called a 中国传统文化中辟邪物品 (an item from traditional Chinese culture that wards off "evil") ...


線上 on-line


論壇 forum, platform, tribune, rostrum
座談會 forum, symposium, informal discussion
法庭 court, tribunal, courtroom, forum, law court, curia


中國 Chinese
中國話的 Chinese
中華 Chinese


中文 Chinese
漢語 Chinese
華人 Chinese, ethnic Chinese, Chinaman
華語 Chinese
漢 Chinese, Han Dynasty, man, fellow


網站 website, network station, node
網點 branch, website, network node


網絡 network, net
網 network, net
聯網 networking, network
網路 network, net
網際 Internet, net, network
互聯網絡 network
廣播網 network


廣播 broadcast, network, televise, radiate

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